Real Estate

We are Real Estate Attorneys and we are certified professionals who oversee the legal aspects of real estate transactions. We prepare and review legal documents relating to real estate, negotiate the terms and conditions of real estate transactions, and facilitate the transfer of titles.

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Estate Planning

As estate planning attorneys, we understand how to advise clients on getting their affairs in order to prepare for the possibility of mental disability and eventual death. We have years of mentoring, continuing legal education, and experience.

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Business Law

We are Corporate Lawyers and are experts in commercial law. We are tasked with ensuring a company’s transactions comply with corporate laws and regulations. Our duties include preparing documents, assessing partnerships, and negotiating deals.

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Civil Litigation

We facilitate the process of taking a case through the legal system via litigation. We represent clients in trials, arbitrations, hearings, and mediations before federal, state, and local courts; administrative agencies; and other legal bodies.

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Contract Negotiation

Our main responsibilities for contract negotiations include drawing up and revising legal contracts and documents. We perform many of the same duties as in-house counsel do at larger firms. We might also assist with regulatory and compliance requirements.

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General Counsel

We provide expert and strategic legal advice to management setting internal governance policies and manage the impact of external factors.  We also evaluate and weigh multiple inputs and impacts of any decision or course of action.

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